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Lathom Junior School

Lathom Junior School

WB: 18/01/21 Martin Luther King

To celebrate Martin Luther King children in Year 6 used a range of different quotes from Martin Luther King to explain what they understood by his quotes.

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Alexis chose the quote:

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – RiverRock Real Estate Group

This quote means that we should always do good and there is no specific time to do good since you should always strive to do good.  To me, this means that kindness and good is something that you should do no matter when and what.

Tanusha and Rohaan chose this quote:

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Tanusha said:

This quote means when you are in a tough issue don't give up, get back on your feet and continue pushing yourself . If you have a dream but since something happened in your life and that dream had to go doesn't mean it will never come true and that is why everyone should always chase for their dreams even if it’s not possible . If one thing doesn’t work, do another and another until it will come true one day.

Rohaan said:

I think this means that whatever you do whether you are doing it quickly or slowly you must never stop until you have fully finished the job and accomplished it. It refers to when Martin Luther King never stopped giving speeches for his rights and all black people. He mainly means to make justice in every country and to spread good causes. 


Anaya made her own  poster and wrote a reflection: