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Lathom Junior School

Lathom Junior School

WB: 01/02/21 Writing a traditional fairy tale with a twist

To Celebrate National Storytelling Week children in Year 6 wrote their own Traditional Tales with a TWIST!

This is Nazmin’s version of The Old Woman in the Shoe:

Trump’s Silly Way

Long ago, there was a little child who was the strangest little boy  people ever sawn. He wore larger shoe sizes bigger than his own feet. He told his parents that he wanted to live in a shoe! His parents were shocked. Trump became really angry and suddenly his mum was persuaded. She began searching. When she came back she thought the house was a shoe but she was just dizzy and tired. That's what she thought but… when she went inside it smelled like a huge pile of socks in the house. The house was all brown and she began questioning Trump and his husband. Trump replied ‘what are you talking about mum? AND WHERE'S MY SHOE MUM’ mum began getting more dizzy and almost fainted, she went to bed seeing it as a shoe as well. She ignored it. Trump began shouting at his dad ‘GIVE ME MY SHOE DAD!’ his dad replied ‘ no more shoes or silly things in my house.’ trump became so red he left the house. He saw a poster about a fart competition. He began farting but they were tinier than an ant. He started drinking lots of soda and farted and he flew all the way to the lake! His dad came running. The judge saw this before and awarded him a huge shoe! He became really and apologised to his parents


This is Syed’s version of Little Red Riding Hood:

There was a girl called little red riding hood and she was called that because wherever she went she wore a red hoodie that was adidas and she was just sitting down on her gaming chair when her mother called riding hood she jolted up and said yes and her mother told her you need to go to the city and deliver these delicious cookies I Baked for your grandma because she is ill and don't forget to take your phone in case of an emergency so she put her favorite red adidas jumper and took of into the city.RInding hood lived in the city but a 20 minute walk from her grandmas house and her dad was on a business trip and she was everything she ever wanted so she carried on and out of the bushes there was a man that smelt awful and he asked her where are you going young girl she replied my grandmother she lives downs two block and her number is 72 so the man took off in the opposite direction bit he was trying to reach the house for those cookies because he was homeless he never got any food so he reach   at the grandmas house and she was terrified and he put her in the closet and tied her up and found some clothes that were spares and he waited.Riding hood arrived and knocked on the door and she saw her fake grandma in bed and she wet like what awfully short hair you have grandma all the better it does not go in my eyes what  an awful smell you have just was going to have a bath dear mum made cookies for you here she gave it and  he jumped up and ran away with the basket but she did not care about that she heard her grandma in the closet and she got her out.After she got her grandma out she called 999 and reported the man and they found him a block down and he was arrested in charge of breaking and entering and she learnt to never talk to strangers. The  End           

This is Zainab's version of The Three little Bears:

Mouldysocks’ Adventure with the Three Bears

Once in history, there lived a messy, stinky boy who never cleaned up after himself in fact no one would ever clean after him. It would be very confusing to find out where the dump yard is.  His toys, clothes, socks and the bedroom was full of mould. Even the dirtiest things smelt nicer than him.  

One specific day, his mother told him to go out and fetch cleaning products due to all the stink coming from Mouldysocks’ room and some spices for the food. Off course he said “no!”. His mother got so frustrated and said “You should stop playing that video game! It can make your brain work slower.” Mouldysocks didn’t believe his mum but he always got annoyed whenever his mum said that and took the trolly and walked out still carrying his tablet with him. His mum was heart-broken and said, “he never spends time with me ...” and began to cry out of sadness. 

There was a sign. One was pointing to a forest while the other one was pointing to the shops. Mouldysocks watched the sign but didn’t read it (how careless of him). He carried on walking until a point where his tablet ran out of charging. 

He paused for a few seconds … “nooo!” he screamed. Then, he looked up and asked himself where he was … But he was only worried about one thing, his tablet. He searched for a house that he could use to charge his tablet. Finally, he came up to a modern house and thought that it would be the right place. He walked up to the door which was wide open. Suddenly, he stepped inside quietly. He found a plug and used that to charge the tablet. He was starving after that long walk. There were three porridges. The first one was so cold that it tasted like raw fish. The second one was so hot that his mouth started burning. Finally, he approached the third one which tasted just right!

He decided to play with his tablet again but he felt a bit lazy to get up (as always) so he decided to sit down.  The first chair was too cozy that he fell right in. The second chair was a bit too hard that his bottom started hurting a lot and it was more hurtful than eating his mum's food. He got so frustrated that he threw a bottle which fell in the soup and splattered everywhere. He got scared that someone may live here and would shout at him when they found out. But, if this is someone else's house then why would they leave the door open. He forgot about that and sat on the last chair which was comfy and just fine. He got bored so he went to play on his tablet. 

It was obvious he wanted to lie down. He came across the first bed which was too high for him to reach, so he went to the second bed which was a bit too comfortable then, he went to lie down on the third bed which was approximately the size of his bed which was perfect. 

A few hours later, the door opened and Mouldysocks rushed to the door to see who it was. There were three gigantic bears. They were in panic and the little bear was in tears. Mouldysocks excused himself out of the door. As he stopped half the way, he realised how silly he was by making them clean up after his mess. He felt so dejected. Suddenly, he thought of an idea! He rushed over to their house and saw them working. They growled at him trying to make him go away. However, he persuaded them to stop what they were doing and told them that he would clean up the rest. They felt so b

After  he finished cleaning up, the bears gave him some supplies that they knew he needed. He thanked them and headed back home looking more cleaner than usual. His mum hugged him tightly and told him to never do what he did again. She was extremely worried!  After he shared his story with her, he realised how dirty his room was and started cleaning up after himself. He was known as clean Brian after his story was shared world-wide. Because of this, he wanted to start a cleaning business and wanted people to follow what he did.