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Lathom Junior School

Lathom Junior School

NSPCC Number Day 2021

Year 4 Mathematicians

On Friday 7th May year 4 participated in the NSPCC number day. The purpose of the day was to engage in fun mathematical activities whilst simultaneously raising money for a good cause to support children who might need help.

Children dressed up in numbers, children were very imaginative in their clothing choices and many children created and decorated their own t-shirts.

In Year 4, we were learning about division. Children moved between 5 tables working on a range of division activities. Children looked a variety of different methods of performing these calculations including using repeated addition, subtraction and using the inverse (our multiplication facts) to help us with division.

On one table children were given trays with different numbers of cubes. Children were asked to sort these into different groups and write the corresponding calculation.    




Another activity was based on sorting socks or cups into pairs and writing the division calculation and inverse multiplication calculation to represent this.

 Another activity was based on showing all the different ways you could calculate a given division calculation.