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Lathom Junior School

Lathom Junior School

World Book Day 2021

World Book Day activities at Lathom Junior School commenced from Tuesday 2nd March and came to an end on Thursday 4th March (World Book Day).  This is a celebration of authors, books, illustrators and off course – reading.  Although life is quite different this year, this did not deter students from participating in a range of activities both remotely and within their ‘bubbles’ at school. 

At Lathom Junior School, the aim was to develop children’s oral story telling abilities using a picture book, ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker.  Within three days, children completed writing, music and art learning outcomes.  First, students were exposed to a range of narrations from teachers across all year groups, which encouraged them to use their story maps and write their own interpretation of the story.  On Wednesday, they were inspired by Mr Lee and Mr Cotter’s soundscapes and likewise, created their very own to match their narrations. 

On World Book Day, the art element involved the use of an imaginary crayon being used by children to create their imaginary worlds.  Each class was given an allotted time to join a zoom session to listen to a school leader’s narration of Journey.  Also, children were encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character to celebrate World Book Day both virtually and at school. 

In addition, children had the opportunity to participate in a World Book Day Competition, where they chose a fictional character and designed their own bedroom.  Next week, the winner will be announced during assembly.

Children's learning across all year groups is showcased below:

Art outcome - Year 3 student, Mathusha

Art outcome - Year 3 student, Mathusha
Story map - Year 3 student, Sai
Art outcome - Year 4, Holly class
Story map - Year 4 
Writing Working Wall based on Journey - Year 5 Bubble 1 
Art outcome - Year 6, Samarah
Writing outcome, a section of a narration by Year 6 student in Bubble 1, Amaara