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Lathom Junior School

Lathom Junior School

Fairplay House Update!

'Adventurous, exhilarating, fun!' Elvie, Class 10

We've had our first update from the children currently at Fairplay House  - and they're having a wonderful time! They've settled in well and are enjoying the range of activities prepared for them.

Here's a report from Mr Lowe:

'What an incredible first day! Children were challenged to dig deep. The night walk had the desired effect. The children also demonstrated their prowess on the Archery range. It was great to have Markuss join in the activities and this once again proved how inclusive Fairplay House is.'

And here's some brief comments from some of the children:

'Incredible, creative, unforgettable,' Ashvin, Class 10.

'I'm learning to encourage and support others,' Abdullah S, Class 12.

'Challenging, adventurous, incredible,' Tanya, Class 10.