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Lathom Junior School

Lathom Junior School

Year 4

Welcome to Year4!

Here, you will find out about all the learning that is taking place in Term 1.

At the start of term we learnt about the trees that our classes our names after. These are all trees that are Native to the United Kingdom. We created displays in our classrooms. The leaves are our aspirations for the future. We also researched the classroom names which are all famous landmarks in London. 



As part of our Recovery Curriculum, we have explored the book Weslandia. We have used it to discuss our feelings and talk about the current pandemic. We got an opportunity to ask a doctor questions about how hospitals are treating patients with Covid-19 and what we can do to try and stay safe. We also completed speech bubbles of the answers the doctor gave to our questions. 


From our reading of Westlandia, we learnt that it is good to be different and our differences should be respected. Can you think what makes you different and special?

This term in English year 4 have been learning about the book Black Dog by Lewi Pinfold. The story is about a large black dog who comes to visit the Hope family. The family are terrified by the dog but Small the littlest member of the family faces her fears and confronts the dog. The dog becomes smaller and comes to live with the family. The story is about how we need to confront what is worrying us and when we do those fears can often diminish in size. 

We have used ideas by Pie Corbett – Talk for writing to help us recall the key information from the story. We imagined we were members of the Hope family and acted out how we would respond in different situations. We drew a graph to consider how Small might have felt at different moments in the story.

We have written a diary entry from the perspective of Small and how she felt when she faces her fears. We are now learning about persuasion and different techniques that are used in writing. We are writing a letter to try to persuade someone to adopt a dog. In our letters, we are using powerful adjectives, rhetorical questions and adverbs. We have created a display of our work as we are very proud of it. Do you like it?

This term in Mathematics, our focus has been on learning about place value but we have also looked at rounding. We have also used number lines to support our understanding of place value and rounding. We have started to learn about decimals and negative numbers. A key part of our learning has been to explain our reasoning. We have been using manipulatives to help us with our work.