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Lathom Junior School

Lathom Junior School

Year 3


Children in Year 3 have been learning about the importance of relationships; relationships we have at home, school or the wider environment. We discussed who we value within our society and how key workers have been working hard to keep us safe. We also undertook lessons which looked at the qualities every individual should possess in order to become an activate hero within our society.

In Maths, children are learning number up to hundreds. They are consolidating their understanding of place value up to 2- and 3-digit numbers. Children have used a combination of physical and pictorial representation to support their understanding before moving onto written strategies.

Our writing focus for this term is based around the book, ‘The Heart in a Bottle’ by Oliver Jeffers. The theme of the book has been used to support children’s understanding of loss and developing the means to overcome obstacles. Throughout the sequence of learning children looked at the features of a diary and used this understanding to write their own diary as the main character from the book.


In Year 3, we have been reading a fiction text ‘Mr Gum’ by Andy Stanton and a range of non-fiction texts.  Our focus has been on developing our retrieval skills, where we use specific strategies to identify and record important information from the text.  

Once a week, thirty minutes is allocated for Reading for Pleasure.  At the end of their reading, children are given the opportunity to share what they are reading, why they are reading and why they are enjoying that particular book or genre. 

In Science, we explored the topic 'Light and children participated in a ‘feely bag’ investigation and were able to explain that they need light to see things and that dark is the absence of light.  In addition, they observed that light is reflected from surfaces by choosing the most reflective material for a new book bag.  They enjoyed using mirrors to reflect light an explained how mirrors work.  Students understand that light from the sun can be dangerous and that there are ways we can protect our eyes. 

In Geography, Year 3 students studied the topic ‘What makes Great Britain great?’  First, they were able to name and locate counties and cities in the United Kingdom using the four compass points to follow and give directions.  Also, children used coordinates to locate features on a map.  Human and physical characteristics within the UK were discussed during these sessions.