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Lathom Junior School

Lathom Junior School

WB: 18/01/21 Martin Luther King

To celebrate Martin Luther King children in Year 5 used a range of different quotes from Martin Luther King to explain what they understood by his quotes. Martin Luther King Jr 13x19 Poster With Darkness Cannot Drive  Out Darkness Quote: HandmadeDua said "I think this quote means just because someone hates you you shouldn't hate them back.  You shouldn't be cruel, you should be kind.  Even if you have enemies, you should be kind."

The time is always right do do what is right." - Martin Luther King Jr |  King quotes, Mlk jr day, Mlk quotes

Jangbir said "This quote reminds people that you need to act the right way, no  matter what the situation.  If you are in a situation which involves loyalty and morality, for example your friends are also bullies you have the choice of staying friends with them or support the victim.  The right thing is always the moral thing to do, to help the victim.


Nidlan wrote his own poem called 'I have a dream':

I want to pass all the exams that I have,

I want to get a good job, 

I want to get a good salary in my job and buy a BMW electric car, 

I want to buy a house, 

The thing that I really want to do is succeed in my life.