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Lathom Junior School

Lathom Junior School

Concerns & Complaints

Across the Altmore & Lathom Schools Federation, we aim:

  • to provide a happy, secure, well organised and stimulating environment where all children, pupils and staff can work and learn together in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect and where children and pupils can learn to be tolerant, courteous and considerate to others
  • to provide an education of exceptional quality which promotes the highest possible standards of learning for every child
  • to provide a broad and balanced curriculum to help and guide each child/pupil to develop his/her full potential through a range of skills, knowledge and practical play and investigation activities
  • to promote and encourage children’s/pupil’s independence and confidence
  • to recognise the individuality of each child/pupil and cater for individual needs
  • to provide equal educational opportunities and experiences to all children/pupils regardless of disability, race, religion or gender
  • to teach and foster the development of good working habits, an enquiring mind and self- discipline and to encourage children/pupils to take pride in their work, themselves and the school
  • to enrich the lives of our children/pupils through fostering respect and understanding of the many cultures represented in our schools
  • to encourage children/pupils to believe in themselves and to participate and support each other as active members of our community
  • to foster a caring environment where all children/pupils learn to respect the school’s property and that of others


If you have a problem, are unhappy, or wish to make a complaint – please tell someone, we will try our best to resolve any situation.


Our procedure is very straight forward:


In order to investigate your problem or complaint we need to know:

  • when and where the incident/s happened
  • who was involved
  • what happened
  • what you would like to happen as a result of your complaint


Stage 1: Talk to your child’s teacher

First of all make an appointment to see the class teacher.  The class teacher will know your child well and know the details of any incident about which you may have a concern.  Please do not try to see the teacher during the school teaching day when they are taking or preparing lessons.  It is hoped you can reach an agreement that satisfies you and the school.  If you cannot, then please go to Stage 2.


Stage 2: Meet a Senior member of staff

This can only happen if you have been through Stage 1. The school office will arrange for you to meet with a senior member of staff, who will investigate the complaint. It is hoped you can reach an agreement that satisfies you and the school.  If you cannot, then please go to Stage 3.


Stage 3: Meet with the Head of School/Headteacher

This can only happen if you have been through Stages 1 and 2.  However, we do recognise that some complaints may go straight to the Headteacher because of their nature or seriousness.  The school office will arrange for you to meet with the Headteacher, who will investigate the complaint.  The school will then write to you within five working days of the meeting setting out its response.  It is hoped that the decision will satisfy you.  However, if you are still not satisfied, please go the Stage 4.


Stage 4: Speak to a Governor

This can only happen if you have been through Stages 1, 2 and 3.  If you feel that your complaint has not been properly dealt with then you should write to the Chair of Governors, Mr Muhammed Mashud - care of the school - with details of the complaint, within ten working days of getting the Headteacher’s decision. This should be facilitated by the school office.


A committee of governors will review your complaint. Afterwards, they will give you written feedback of their decision.  This stage should take no more than 15 working days to complete.