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Lathom Junior School

Lathom Junior School

Windrush Day 2021

Tuesday 22nd June will be Windrush Day 2021. Lathom Junior School will be engaging in a range of activities to commemorate the day. All year groups will be involved, from researching the Windrush, its origins and how that generation have been treated over the recent past and the impact the Windrush generation has had on London. In addition, children will create adverts for jobs, design statues and use ‘Windrush Child’, a poem by John Agard as a stimulus for art.

Introduced in 2018, for the 70th anniversary, Windrush Day commemorates the journey of the Empire Windrush and the start of mass migration to Britain from all over the Commonwealth. The Windrush Generation is a term given to the people who emigrated to Britain from 1948 to 1973. Windrush day is held on the 22nd of June, the day passengers stepped foot on British soil in Tilbury, Essex. Delivering a generation of people, who answered the call of the ‘Motherland’. To fill gaps in the labour force, left over from the trauma of WWII. It was a chance to start a new life in Britain for themselves and eventually, their families. It was also a mindset of supporting Britain, as some had fought for Britain in WWII, of doing their duty. People from all walks of life paid £28, £1,000 in today’s money, for their tickets on the Empire Windrush. 

The Windrush migrants settled all over Britain, mainly in large towns and cities, and although they were here to help rebuild the nation, they suffered greatly from racism and this was rife in their daily lives. It impacted housing, the workplace and their status here. Currently, the Windrush generation are being denied their true status in the UK. Official documents have been destroyed and their nationality has been questioned, some have even been deported. The ‘Lessons Learned’ Review has stated the government was at fault and restitution should be made to the families. Although too late for some, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Windrush Day celebrates the lives of those pioneering spirits, who left their homes to come halfway around the world to start a new life in Britain. 

Michelle Hector

History Subject Lead