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Lathom Junior School

Lathom Junior School

Women's History Month 2021

Monday 1st to Wednesday 31st March is Women’s History Month.  It is a time dedicated to raise awareness of and to celebrate women’s achievements in all spheres and walks of life. The Theme for 2021 is "Valiant Women of the Vote: Refusing to Be Silenced.” 


Continued from 2020, which would have been the 100th Anniversary of the 19th amendment in America, which protected women’s constitutional right to vote. A landmark in women’s suffrage. This is particularly relevant for this year, with the inauguration of Kamala Harris becoming not only the first women Vice President of the USA, but a woman of colour. 

Although we can bask in that wonderful news, not everyone is recognised and their achievements are often side lined. Elizabeth Magie, created the original Monopoly game; Ada Lovelace, early computers and Computer Programming and Rosalind Franklin, The Double Helix. Here are some women of note, Queen Elizabeth II, Bessie Coleman, Mae Jameson, Sarah Forbes Bonetta, Mary Wostenholme and The Suffragettes, Mary Seacole, Augusta Savage, Margaret Thatcher, Oprah Winfrey to name but a few. This year, Mary Anning (1799-1847) has been recognised for her work. She was a geologist and famous for discovering several important fossils, including the first complete Plesiosaurus ever found and the first pterosaur fossil found in the British Isles. 


The Royal Mint have produced a set of commemorative 50p pieces in her honour.


The BBC has a page dedicated to women’s stories, with short films and information on women who have dedicated their lives to their profession or to a cause.


The UK Government’s official site has a short piece explaining the start of women’s suffrage. heritage/transformingsociety/electionsvoting/womenvote/overview/startsuffragette-/


We at Lathom celebrate women and their achievements and we know our children, especially girls, will be inspired by their stories to aim high and to be the best they can be. Whether in the sciences, the literary world, the arts or as an entrepreneur and we look to the past, to help shape their future. 


Michelle Hector

History Subject Lead