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Lathom Junior School

Lathom Junior School

School opening update: week beginning 08.06.20

Please see the letter to all parents below

Dear Parents,

I hope you all continue to be well.

An update in regard to re-opening our school to more children.  As you can imagine there has been a lot of work going on in the school over the past few weeks.  Our work is focussing on making sure it is safe for more children to start coming back.

Our Risk Assessment is being agreed, so I am hopeful that Year 6 children will be able to start very soon – we are working towards children being invited to come back to school week beginning 15.06.20.  You should receive information next week.

However, school is going to be very different to how you all remember it.  So, before you decide to send your child(ren) back you need to know that:

  • Children will be in smaller groups
  • They may be with another member of staff (who is not their regular teacher)
  • Start and end times will be staggered
  • Parents will be asked to leave and collect their child(ren) from a designated gate
  • Parents will be expected to follow social distancing rules, i.e. keeping 2 metres apart from other parents
  • Breaktimes/playtimes will be staggered
  • There will be increased enhanced cleaning every day
  • Disinfectants, sprays and hand sanitiser will be in every classroom/learning space
  • Increased hand washing and hand hygiene will be taking place throughout the day
  • PPE will be worn by staff if a child becomes unwell at school.
  • Throughout the school, social distancing will be encouraged wherever possible.

We are all working very hard to ensure that everyone feels safe and O.K. about coming back to school to learn and to work.

I really appreciate your patience and trust in our school.

I want to also reassure you that we are not going to be pressuring anyone to send their child(ren) to school. There will be no fines for families who choose not to send their children back.  This decision is a very personal one for you and your family. 

As always, if you have any concerns or queries, please let a member of staff know and they will make sure that you receive a response as quickly as possible.

Keep safe and well,

Sarah Rowlands.