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Lathom Junior School

Lathom Junior School

World Environment Day 2020

Today, we observe World Environment Day, which is renowned for environmental action.  Since 5th June 1974, this initiative was organised by the United Nations to engage governments, businesses celebrities and citizens: to raise awareness about a pertinent environmental issue.  Currently, the focus is on the impact of climate change and action to protect our environment.  This year’s theme is biodiversity – the variety of different living ecosystems on earth, including animal and plant species.  

Biodiversity is being threatened by our changing global environment on a wide scale due to several factors including recent bushfires in Brazil and Australia, locust infestations across East Africa and the coronavirus pandemic. 

Here are some activities that families can engage in at home:

1. Students can watch BBC Newsround – ‘Your message to world leaders on World Environment Day'. 

BBC Newsround

They can write messages using speech bubbles to world leaders and discuss why it is important to voice their concerns about the climate crisis.

2. Visit the United Nations website. Challenge family members - try the quiz below.

UN Biodiversity Quiz

3. Visit World Environment Day website for the UN Environment programme – includes guest speakers, virtual tours, Youth Champions of the Earth and music sessions.

UN Environment programme

What action can you take at home or in your community to protect your environment?

Spread the message: It is time for nature!