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Lathom Junior School

Lathom Junior School

Remote Learning

Google Classroom and Online Safety

While school is closed for most students, children are accessing learning using an online platform – Google Classroom.  This virtual learning environment helps teachers and students organise learning tasks or assignments, boost collaboration and foster better communication.

Now that children are spending more time at home, they should be encouraged to use the internet safely, more than ever before. They should also abide by Google Classroom rules set out by their year group. 

In this digital world, children must create a positive digital footprint by showing respect when online, safeguarding their personal information and ensuring that the information they share is positive.

During term time, teachers are available to support your child’s learning from 10:30 – 1:30 p.m. Children can ask their teachers questions related to learning tasks and projects.  At 3:15 pm, children will leave the online forum as it operates like the normal school day. 

Other useful online resources

Running along these activities, students have access to several websites including Times Table Rock Stars, Bug Club and My Maths. An additional list can be found in your child’s Home Learning pack.

Amazon has cancelled the subscription of books and audio stories for children as long as school is closed.

Sag-Aftra Foundation’s Daytime Emmy nominated ‘Storytime Online’ features actors including Kristen Bell, Viola Davis and Lily Tomlin.

Tips for children when ‘learning from home’

1. Plan your time wisely.

 Your child has been given a timetable to guide them through the day. Learning               tasks may be from your child’s learning pack or tasks set on Google Classroom by           their teacher.

 Physical exercise is crucial especially as children are at home. PE teacher, Joe                   Wicks has launched P.E. sessions for families during the coronavirus outbreak.

2. Know what tools or resources you need. 

 Depending on the learning task at hand, you may need to figure out what kind of             tools can help you work best.

 3. Have a positive attitude towards your learning.

One of the pitfalls of a remote student is not giving their work the amount of attention it requires.Create boundaries and make the most of the time that your teacher is available to support your learning.

4. Communicate effectively.

This is the time to develop your online communication skills.Remember to use Standard English and punctuate your sentences.If you are unsure about a task, send a message to your teacher.Explain your problem clearly and show your teacher where you may need clarification.You could also check the class forum as other classmates may have the same issue or have already figured it out.

5. Relax.

Remember that unexpected changes and challenges may arise but you need to keep on learning.Keep striving for success in everything you undertake.