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Wet Dismissal at Home Time


Year 3 will be collected as normal from the outside doors of the classroom.

Year 4 will be collected from Year 3 classes on the lower floor, from the outside doors as well, as follows:

  • 4RB- Class 6 from Class 5 (around the building)
  • 4AH- Class 7 from Class 4 (around the building)
  • 4GM- Class 8 from Class 3 (around the building)
  • 4FR- Class 9 from Class 2
  • 4RG- Class 10 from Class 1

Year 5 will be collected from under the shelters around the office block.

Year 6 will be seated in 4 rows (classes), in the Bottom Hall.

Year 6 children who go home alone will be dismissed from their classroom.


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  • 12/07/18

    Debden News!

    Year 6 arrived safely at Debden Campground yesterday and immediately started the fun of setting up their tents. As you can see, some of them have made themselves very comfortable already! We're looking forward to receiving more updates and will post them as we get them...
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  • 24/05/18

    Congratulations Harry & Meghan!

    On Friday 18th May, Lathom  held its own celebration to commemorate the wedding of the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Organised by Class 10 and Mr Lowe, it was a beautiful celebration and everybody had a wonderful time!
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  • 29/03/18

    Happy Easter - School reopens 16.4.18

    Just a quick reminder – school closes today, Thursday 29.03.18 and re-opens on Monday 16.04.18.  Thank you for your support this term, I hope everyone has a good rest and an enjoyable holiday.  
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  • 14/03/18

    Fairplay House Day 2

    Day 2 of Year 5's visit to Fairplay House and the children continue to have a wonderful time!
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  • 13/03/18

    Fairplay House Update!

    'Adventurous, exhilarating, fun!' Elvie, Class 10
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  • 08/02/18

    Safer Internet Day 2018

    We joined more than a thousand organistaions across the UK to help inspire a national conversation about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively. 
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  • 02/02/18

    Social Media Age Restrictions

    Do you know what age children need to be to access social media? 
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  • 04/01/18

    For Your Diary: Online Safety Day

    Online Safety Day this year is being held on Tuesday February 6th 2018.
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  • 04/01/18

    Merry Xmas, Everyone

    On Wednesday 6th December 2017, Lathom hosted our Christmas School Lunch. It was wonderful to see so many parents attend and enjoy the delicious meal prepared by Kitty and her team.
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  • 25/09/17

    Stephen Timms Visits Lathom!

    The MP for East Ham, Mr Stephen Timms, visited the school for Lathom Question Time. Children attended lower and upper school assemblies and were addressed by Mr Timms, after which they asked a range of questions. The children were able to identify him as a Labour party politician and Prime Mini...
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